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Common Questions

Answers to Your Sturdy Pine Questions

How is Sturdy Pine Tree Services different from its competitors?

Sturdy Pine Tree Services is a home grown community service. We are based in SW Edmonton. Our focus is family and community. We are the friendly tree service you want to build a relationship with for all your natural maintenance needs.

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes! Your first step would be to call any utility companies involved in your incident. Once that is taken care of we will come in same day or as soon as possible to ensure your issue has been rendered "safe." As this may bump another client's booking you would then have to book with us (or another tree service) to fully resolve your emergency.

What are your financing options?

We currently do not have any financing options for our clients. Most projects are not that expensive, but in the future (for larger projects you just want done) you may be able to secure financing through your bank.

How do I use Live Chat?

Live Chat is a feature on our website for you to get in touch with a live agent. We can see what region you are viewing us from, and that you are on our website. Other than that you are assigned a random customer number that changes every time you close your browser and re-visit the site. Feel free to ask questions about products, services, where to find things on the website, and so on.

How can I partner with Sturdy Pine?

Certainly, there are several options in partnering with our business. Information about products, services, and improvements would go a long way. We value constructive feedback. Also, using our services and spreading word about us would certainly ensure we successfully launch and maintain our footing in a very competitive market.

Yet again, you can buy our products, and suggest products you would love to buy from us on an ongoing basis. All of our sale item prices have only a couple dollars profit. So, when you catch a sale you can be sure you're getting a great deal and helping us at the same time.

These are just a few ways to partner with us. We could also use cheerleaders, followers, and fans! There's a lot to setting up and working out the kinks, and we know our success is never a solo effort. It takes a community to launch and run a business, and we certainly appreciate all those to take even the smallest part in support of what we do.

What kinds of insurance do you have?

We have a $2 million liability commercial insurance policy with Wawanesa. We also operate with WCB coverage for all of our workers. We firmly believe in preventative measures, safety meetings, and proactive training. The best insurance is the claim you never had to make.

How does shipping help me?

If you live more than 75 km out of the city shipping may be a great option. As an example, most vehicles would cost $30 in gas for a round trip to the city. Our largest package is $28 and can ship anywhere in Canada. Even if you chose this box you would get city prices on your purchases and save time. Instead of traveling 2 hours, round trip, you can do other things with your time.

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