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5 Easy Steps to Find Edmonton Tree Services

We all love our trees. There comes a time when our beloved trees need care or need to be retired. Whether you are finding a tree service for the first time ever or have booked more than a few projects it can be time consuming and overwhelming. Most people find it to be a hassle or nuisance, one we hope to relieve you from. We have been operating in the Edmonton area for 10 years+ now and fully experienced in both small and large jobs.

We want to take the pressure off of you and make your next job you need to hire a service for smooth and hassle free.

Step #1 - Take pictures! And have your Address ready.

One of the joys of technology these days is that a lot of estimates can be done fully online. You can look professional and like a respectable well communicated hard bargain to estimate for as well. Here are a few pro steps every estimator wish you knew, and also deeply appreciates.

Take at least 3 photos:

  1. Close up - Take a photo of each specific problem that you would like addressed. Sometimes this is rot, bugs, or a simple shot of the branch or tree one wants removed. Take as many photos as you have issues to discuss with estimators. (eg. If you have 2 branches that need to be removed because they are rubbing on your house take 2 separate photos, one of each branch, including the problem in the photo.)

  2. Hazards - Take photos of all hazards in the area. This would include where powerlines may be near a tree, sheds, fences, houses, any object or obstacle that if a tree was felled wrong it could damage something you don't want damaged. Photograph those items each separately in relation to the tree.

  3. Wide angle - Take a photo or two from the property edge so that the full height of the tree may be observed in relation to the yard and lot. Also include any photo of access to the property if it cannot be clearly seen in the wide angle view of the property.

Throwing at least 1 photo from each of the above categories at an estimator will impress. They will already know you know what you are doing and may even be led to believe you are a seasoned job scheduler and be more careful about their estimates. Plus, it's just good visual communication skills.

If from the photos it is clear an on site estimate is appropriate they will be able to tell you. It makes their job easier and yours. A happy estimator is an easier estimator.

Have your address handy:

  • Street and avenue - Nothing other than the street and avenue part of your address is necessary. This is not to show up in person initially but can later be repurposed for that. Every business that wishes to operate in Canada legally has an obligation to respect privacy laws and your rights to privacy. Your address in this step is for use with Google Maps "street view."

It is highly useful to an estimator to be able to source a view of the property already provided for by Google Maps. Access, property, and other aspects may be visually understood more fully this way and Google Maps are typically up to date for all photos as of 2 or so years. Which means that your trees are roughly the size they are in those photos.

Whatever can't be seen in the photos can be seen or benefit from the added value of visual information through Google Maps "street view."

Step #2 - Go to Kijiji but always keep Davey in mind.

Kijiji is my go to free classifieds service for the Edmonton area. You will find most of the Edmonton based tree services listed on Kijiji. Those who are operating as cash only small businesses and those operating as fully insured large scale businesses like Davey can both be found on Kijiji. The trouble is knowing who is good and who to deal with. Kijiji is a great one stop place for finding the appropriate services.

You can also simply google Edmonton tree services but be sure that it is Edmonton Alberta Canada. I've had a few instances where I was on sites for more than a few minutes wasting time in USA, Europe, and Ontario Canada. Be sure you are on an Edmonton based website by going to their "contact us" portion of the website (often at the bottom of every page of a site).

"I regret my lack of options. I regret being painted into a corner and having that be the only instrument to get me from point A to point B." — T.I.

Step #3 - Successfully contact at least 3 tree services... that service the Edmonton area.

Reaching out to services. Some services will get back to you immediately. Some you will have to wait a day or two for a reply (especially with weekends and holidays). Some will leave you completely unread.

Don't take those ones personally. Many tree services are operated by individuals interested in small business operation for the freedom it gives them to pick and choose their work ours, among other things. They snooze it is on them. For this very reason it is good to message and reach out to more than 3 services.

Once you have 3 or more replies you're ready to see which 3 are your solid options by...

Step #4 - Obtain Estimates for the work you want done.

You can begin your messages for step 3 (initial contact) with the information of step 1 as well as being very clear in written form a description of the services you believe you require estimations for.

I believe every service assumes customers are contacting more than one service. Don't feel you need to be secretive or awkward about that. You're not cheating and it isn't dating. You're doing your due diligence to find the service provider in your budget range you feel happy to work with.

Be as clear as possible about any questions and descriptions you may have. Here follows an example:

Good day!

I would like to request an estimate for tree services on my property. Here are the related photos for the project. I am uncertain specifically about what I need to do legally as an Edmonton based customer regarding nearby power lines. I would like a branch from one tree seen in Photo A removed as well as the tree in Photo B removed. The stump may stay in the ground. I don't mind.

Any separate break down of services and options that may impact the cost separately would also be good to know about, if you please

Thank you,

Customer Name

Tip #5 - Weigh your options and choose.

You made it! This is where you choose between your final three or start over repeating the steps immediately or at a later date in booking your services and having back up options. It is good to not be definite in saying you will not go with them.

Some points of courtesy:

  • Do thank them for their time and let an estimator know you have chosen to pursue a service provider.

  • Don't assume estimators are like sketchy used car sales men.

  • Do keep your options open and let them know that you appreciated their help. You are impressed with their help and may use their services.

  • Don't tell them their price sucks or give them attitude that you have chosen a more worthy service. Each service provider has different specialization experience levels (that will legitimately cost you) as well as priorities as a business owner.

Choose the service provider you are happy to use, and even ask if there's any way price can be negotiated. Some will have payment plans or service options. Do keep in mind that (especially as a small business owner out on your own) tree service prices quoted are already typically undercutting prices that hurt the service provider.

Edmonton is oversaturated with tree services. All of them are undercutting each other and Davey has the biggest corner of the undercut market, if you ask me.

Sturdy Pine would like to help!

You are not alone! We would like to help and it is free.

We are a fully online service helping you free of charge to find the most appropriate services in Edmonton and booking them for you. We have been operating as a tree service in the Edmonton area for more than 10 years and are transitioning heavily towards consulting and online services. Think of us as Yelp for Edmonton area tree services.

Feel free to contact us with all your tree service questions and needs. We will be happy to help.

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